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Upgrading RStudio

When moving between RStudio releases there are some differences that require either user intervention or caution.

Why should I upgrade?

Upgrading to the latest version of RStudio has a number of benefits, including a new version of R and improved package management options.

2.2.6 to 3.0.12

Key Points:

As Conda has now been removed. You will need to install packages using Renv. See package management


  • Please unidle your RStudio if it is currently idled
  • Select RStudio 3.0.12 from the drop down and click yes on the prompt to install

Notable Packages


dbtools (i.e. the R wrapper for pydbtools) requires a little setup:

  • Call renv::use_python()

    This will create a virtualenv for your project, which should be stored in the folder renv/python/virtualenvs/renv-python-3.8.5/, and associate reticulate with that virtualenv.

  • Install pydbtools into that environment

    You can either do that with reticulate::py_install("pydbtools"), or if you prefer the terminal, you can activate that virtualenv with the command renv/python/virtualenvs/renv-python-3.8.5/bin/activate.

  • Install dbtools using remotes::install_github("moj-analytical-services/dbtools)