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Metadata search tool


The metadata search tool scans repositories in the MoJ Analytical Services GitHub organisation for metadata files that follow a specific schema. The tool contains metadata for all the curated databases.

The metadata search tool

The tool displays the following information:

  • Column info:
    • Column name
    • Column description
    • Column data type
  • Table info:
    • Table name
    • Table description
    • Table location
    • Table data format
    • Table metadata location
  • Database info:
    • Database name
    • Database description
    • Database location
    • Database metadata location
  • Access to the data:
    • Data owners
    • Data users
  • Example code:
    • Sample SQL code
    • Sample R code

You can search for metadata based on the names or descriptions of columns, tables or databases.

Accessing the tool

You can access the metadata search tool at

To access the tool, you must sign in using an email link or one-time passcode. To request access, contact the Analytical Platform team on the #ap_admin_request Slack channel or at

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